STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Autumn Accessories

Having an outfit with the perfect complimenting accessories can be really important, especially as the weather continues to cool down. It can be easy to lose a cute and fashionable look as warmth starts to become a main priority in getting dressed. However, accessories solve this problem by helping to enhance style without compromising the comfort of the wearer.

This Fashionista utilizes her own accessories admirably in her ensemble and still manages to keep warm on this chilly day. For her basic bottom and top she dresses simply and comfortably with a blue and white striped sweater and skinny jeans. She then combines warmth and style with a form-fitting, tartan pea coat and long grey boots. She completes the outfit with a cute flowered headpiece and a Vera Bradley shoulder bag.

This Fashionista worked style into her look without having to compromise her comfort-all because of a little help from her accessories. There are so many different ways to accessorize for the cool Fall weather. Not only are there cute coats and long boots, but there are also thick tights, printed gloves, knitted berets, wide belts, and many more options. Go out there and find the accessories that blend with your wardrobe best!

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