For over thirty years, major fashion brands have employed youthful hollywood beauties as the faces of their latest collections. It all began with Calvin Klein in 1980, when the rosy-cheeked, 15-year old, Brooke Shields had jeans flying off the shelves as she purred to the camera “Nothing comes between me and my Calvins.” In 1994, despite industry criticism, Isaac Mizrahi chose 14-year old Natalie Portman to represent his latest women’s line with the slogan “Every woman is a star.” This young starlet fever didn’t go unnoticed. In 2004 Teen Vogue developed an in-house consulting firm to help designers hand-pick brand-appropriate actresses to represent their lines. Thanks to Teen Vogue’s consulting agency, Dooney & Bourke announced they would be using 15-year old Emma Roberts to launch their 2006 collection of handbags. In 2009, Harry Potter star Emma Watson, graced the spotlight of Burberry’s fall/winter advertisements at a mere 17-years old.

If only youth-crazed designers such as Calvin, Marc, and Isaac could reap in the splendor of today’s Fashionista and Fashionisto then they would surely be inspired. When looking at these two, anyone could understand the infatuation designers have with the fresh faces of youth. Their beauty emanates from a place of innocence and their acute fashion sense feels carefree; they challenge the reason for overdone looks. Their exorbitantly mature sense of style is eerily reminiscent of Marc Jacob’s youthful advertisements. His 2007 Dakota Fanning women’s wear campaign and his 2008 men’s wear advertisements inspire the same girlish/boyish beauty. These companions embody the perfect contrast between mature style and child-like beauty, so take note and don’t overdo a look that’s already done!

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