If you haven’t heard, the backpack isn’t just for grade school kids anymore. There’s been a flush of much more mature backpacks showing up on college campuses now-a-days. Originally a bag that was used for hunting is now an everyday school essential. It’s the perfect seasonal, college accessory. An item that is utilitarian in nature by allowing us to keep all of our school needs at an arm’s reach yet fashionable at the same time sounds like a great combination – and it is.

This Fashionista wears a floral printed canvas backpack. The back is large in size, making it easy to carry all things school-related. My favorite part of the bag is the shape. It reminds me of a camping style bag, but the pretty print makes it much more feminine and current. She’s matched her backpack with an easygoing outfit: an oversized sweatshirt, corduroys and moccasins. It's casual, but appropriate for the university classroom setting.

Backpacks will always be a staple item for school. The key is finding one that fits your own personality and style. It’s obvious that there’s been a revolution among backpacks and, with a variety of styles showing up on stores, it’s easy to find one. I’ve seen numerous fashion-forward backpacks around the internet lately, some of my favorite ones are the Ecote Canvas & Leather Backpack from Urban Outfitters, the Challenger Backpack from Kipling and then there’s always the classic Nylon Cordura School Bag from American Apparel, a bag that will match any type of style.

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