Now that I am nearly midway through my sophomore year at GWU, I am starting to feel at home on campus. I can walk the streets in my sleep, I’ve found my favorite place to sit in Gelman Library (Shout-out 4th floor silent room!) and I’ve even figured out the most optimal time to go to GW Deli in order to avoid the long line. Although I miss my dog and my bed back at home, I don’t mind that DC is a little bit warmer than Connecticut, and that we miss out on the fall foliage around this time. While I am content for the most part, I feel for my West Coast friends who hail all the way from California and are forced to acclimate to an entirely different lifestyle.

I found this California native Fashionista outside the E Street dry cleaners. We were both frustrated about how it seems the whole city of Washington just shuts down on Sundays — life still goes on and that silk top from last night needs to get dry cleaned as soon as possible! 

I dug her punk vibe and the way she effortlessly layered her pieces on top of one another. Her loose UNIF cut-off tank looked cool underneath her cropped, bleached demin Levi jacket. Her printed leggings from Urban Outfitters were lucked into her leather Fiorentini and Baker boots. For accessories, she had on a classic pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers, a black satchel by Marc Jacobs and a necklace she picked up at Venice Beach.

For cool cut-off tanks like the one this Fashionista is wearing, check out UNIF for other styles and interesting graphics. 

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