Students in DC come from all around the world and from both coasts of the USA. Adjusting to the cold weather is hard but transitioning your wardrobe is even harder. Don’t let the dead of winter scare you! Take note from today's Fashionisto and pull out your classic spring and summer tees. Mix and match these pieces with your winter essentials for a casual campus look. I found this Fashionisto taking a study break outside the library. He is wearing a white vintage tee shirt with corduroy jeans and sneakers. Students coming from warmer regions like the west coast might find layering to be a challenge or even a burden. It is easier for these laid back Fashionistos to opt for thick winter classics pieces such as corduroy jeans and pair them with things that are familiar like short-sleeved vintage tees and casual sneakers. 

Hint: Check out the array of corduroy jeans at J. Crew. Corduroy jeans are not only warm but will also never go out of style. 

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