STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Back to the ’80s

One of my favorite decades is definitely the '80s. I love all the crazy colors and textures people our age dared to wear. It was a decade of new break-throughs in fashion with hip-hop, Madonna and Jane Fonda influencing fashion. The decade set a premise for what color really means in fashion today: an expression of liberation and liberalism in fashion.

I spotted this Fashionista’s metallic blue jacket and I couldn’t help but smile. Austin was written all over her, and she reminded me of the unique love for throw-back fashion this city has. She wore the iconic blue jacket with such poise and confidence and immediately Madonna’s “Material Girl” popped into my head. One look at the cute striped leotard she wore made me think of sporty aerobic fashion from the '80s. The last piece I loved was the shiny patent leather black shoes. I couldn’t help but think back to high school band where I hated the shiny shoes, but she had taken the look and completely turned it around. This Fashionista’s look is perfect for getting you out of those mid-term blues and looking forward to spring break next week!

Hint: In case you didn’t catch the Oscars last week, host Anne Hathaway rocked the metallic, shiny look wearing a lovely Armani gown during the last half. Try your own metallic look with these satin jackets from American Apparel.

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