Time flies! It only leaves a couple of days for our summer vacation and this Fashionista is out preparing for her new semester. Summer might be going but the heat still keeps VEST the number one choice for people to remain “cool” under the sun. And black color is a classic option which could always ensure you that your are safe and sound. An grey-and-red EASTPAK backpack just perfectly highlights the feature among her other dark-colored clothes and is strong enough to hold plenties of textbooks and notebooks for our student. Just as their slogan says “BUILT TO RESIST”, its utility, function and fashion win itself a lot of customer loyalty,especially those who need to carry heavy things.

“What’s your favorite outfit in summer?”, “I preferred something casual like vest,T-shirts and jeans.” “Do you think fashion should be associated with convenience and why ?” “Definitely yes!I could be efficient yet still be trend-catching.”

From where I’m standing, I agree the “convenience” with this Fashionista's since we both are college students who like fashion but who are busy catching classes and attending college activities. Fashion should lives in our day-to-day life. Different people have different tastes as well as personality,the one which fits you the most is your type of fashion. You could wear that someone cannot,while the best suit for someone might not be a good fit for you. It is your HEART that you need to follow,not the CROWD. Can you imagine the world where everyone looks just the same? What is so fashion about that ?

Wear dark-colored clothes with a fluorescent fashion item like bag or hat could express the idea of “Less is more”.

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