This sweltering summer it's always a good idea to stay cool and safe from the sun. While relaxing in someone's backyard, it can be easy to forget about the sun's pounding rays. Well this Fashionista has the right idea with her wonderfully cute fedora hat. I think it is the perfect way to keep the shade in your face while sipping on lemonade and eating hamburgers at your next barbecue. Summer is the best time of the year to rock stylish hats that don't have to simultaneously keep your ears warm in the snow. These are all style, with a touch of practicality. Check out the variation you can sometimes find in these looks, some have a grosgrain ribbon around the top, or a patterned look that can add some character to your look.

I especially love the way this Fashionista paired the hat with a simple vest and jean shorts. A hat can sometimes be a bit of a statement piece. So if you're self-conscious about jumping into the hat trend, working a fedora into a plain outfit, can be the perfect accessory to complete the look and make even the simplest outfit unique.

Fedoras are a classic item, so don't feel bad adding a little funk to your look with some wayfarer sunglasses or mocassins like this Fashionista. The fun and texture a hat like this adds to your outfit is undeniable and is truly part of the fun of accessories.

Try a classic brown woven fedora at your next barbecue to add that something extra to your favorite sundress. Or, if you're looking something for a little different, try this fedora with a twist, with a tie-dyed ribbon along the top.

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