Whether it’s television from a previous generation or the text of a print newspaper story, the black and white color combination transcend decades. It remains a classic, a reminder of past elegance with regard for future style. And, with outfit pieces that pay tribute to two of this summer’s trends, black and white become a meaningful canvas with which a Fashionista can create her own look.

In a black skirt and white bottom, this Fashionista juxtaposes her revealing crop top with her long, lacey skirt. The combination of these in vogue trends—a bare midriff and maxi skirt—put a modest twist on a look that can get too skimpy. In particular, the lace pattern on the skirt stands out as homage to the styles of a more conservative decade.

Although it’d still be too revealing for a job or internship, by selecting a more traditional cut in the skirt, the Fashionista creates a fashion-conscious look that’s reminiscent of the Dolce & Gabbana SS 2012 collection

With the exception of the green pendent and beads, this Fashionista wears exclusively neutral colors in this outfit. Yet she assembles her make-up to pop, with bright pink lipstick and blue-tinted eye shadow. Her scarce accessories—a single gold bangle, toffee-colored purse and necklace— just add dimension to complete the outfit.

Before a stroll on the beach, pull on a white maxi skirt and black shirt, or use another classic color combination like blue and beige. As the breeze blows the skirt behind each step, soak in the last moments of the summer fashion season. It'll be time for sweaters and school in just a few weeks.

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