Today's sexy, silm Fashionista left little to the imagination with her barely there ensemble. While usually we boost modesty over here at CollegeFashionista today's Fashionista’s risqué appearance has us taking a turn to the dark side. And by dark side I mean crazy, fun wild side. She's got that look that most girls envy and wears her outfit with extreme confidence.

From her beat up flannel to her patterned tights, each element is worth noting. Her graphic T-shirt is the piece that has me hooked this week. As a vintage shopping junkie, I commonly find myself upon racks and racks of graphic T-shirts. I usually teeter between trendy cool and overly dorky. But with summer here and the weather hitting record highs, having that oversized grungy T-shirt is just the key to staying cool (no pun intended).

With unlimited options of the '80s concert shirt you might stumble upon, it's likely you won't be donning the same T as your bestie. Hit the streets in something vintage and graphic this week. And, as our featured Fashionista illustrates, pants are totally optional.

If you can't make it to a local flea market scour Spanish Moss Vintage for a fabulous array of vintage T-shirts. 

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