Fashionistas, over the course of my time as a Style Guru, I have made quite a few confessions to you about things — like my uncertainty about how to dress during the transitions of seasons, my goody-goody-ness, the fact that I’m a heart purse-aholic, my general laziness in the morning, plus many other things I’m sure you really don’t need to know about me. For some reason though, I keep telling you, and guess what! I have one more confession for all of you; I am a huge nerd.

That’s right, Fashionistas. I love reading books, doing multiplication and long division by hand, and organizing anything and everything alphabetically; grammar is my vice. I would rather spend my Saturday nights watching a movie with friends at my house than spending a night out on the town partying or clubbing.

I am not ashamed of my nerdiness. In fact, I embrace it, which is why I absolutely love the fact that the fashion world has been expressing its geekdom as well. High-waisted skirts and pants, Oxford shoes, and great leather book bags make up a nerd’s uniform (I would know), and now they make up a fashion maven’s look as well! Take a look at this stylish Fashionista for proof.

I plan on proudly wearing my nerdiness on my sleeve, literally, by pairing T-shirts and button-downs with this cute high-waisted mini-skirt and my Oxfords or Mary Janes. I desperately want to splurge on this leather briefcase to finish off all of my looks as well! Dress the part, Fashionistas, even if you don’t love grammar as much as I do.

P.S.- Could that be a touch of fall fashion I spy? It’s right around the corner, Fashionistas!

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