STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Be Bold and Beautiful

This week’s Fashionista throws the “Less is More” rule right out the window. If you walk around campus for more than fifteen minutes, you are bound to see this Fashionista, quite literally, strutting her stuff.

With a flair for the eclectic, her fashion sense is one that many girls tend to shy away from. She noted that she loves all styles, like preppy, minimalistic, bohemian, punk, and elegant and incorporates different aspects of each into her daily garb. The absolute number one rule of this Fashionista’s style is dressing without inhibition. Pull out all the stops. Crazy color combinations, sky-high heels, and layers upon layers of jewelry.

On an unseasonably warm day, this week’s Fashionista donned Levi cut-offs that she picked up at the Fairfax flea market in Los Angeles. Try making your own by taking an old pair of jeans and turning them into warm-weather wardrobe staple. Her vintage Dior men’s shirt was found on the racks of a local thrift store. This Lucky Brand men’s shirt captures a similar style, but a shirt borrowed from your boyfriend can be used in a pinch. Rolling and tucking gives this Fashionista more control of the shape of the shirt.

Leaving no style left forgotten, she heavily plays up on accessories. Casually draped over her shoulders is a vividly striped poncho bought from a thrift store as well. The bright colors complement the Fashionista’s red lips. Also playing with the geek chic look like this Fashionista, she wears RetroSuperFuture eyeglasses. She stocked up on Forever 21 rings and placed one on each finger.  Not shying away from her already lofty stature, she stands even taller with Via Spiga wedge lace-up booties.

This Fashionista leaves everyone with one last bit of advice: be bold in your outfit choices and self-confidence is sure to follow.

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