It was hard not to miss this Fashionista walking down Michigan Avenue. Her striped coat and distinctive style was what made me avert my eyes from my cell phone to her stylish outfit. Like I said in my Style Guru bio, I am always looking for unique items that nobody has. I always appreciate it when somebody does not wear something ordinary and can pull off something that nobody would dare to try on. This Fashionista was wearing a bold coat with a fur trim hood that I have never seen on anyone before. I rarely see this color palette and stripes on outwear so of course, I had to run after her for a picture.

Sometimes people tend to stray away from bold stripes because of the common belief that stripes on garments make a person look wider than they actually are. Horizontal stripes do make your body figure look heavier, but this can actually work in your favor. If you want to appear curvier, wear a piece with horizontal, bold stripes. If you would like to look slimmer and chic, put on something with vertical or diagonal stripes. The direction of the stripes determines this body figure illusion so, really, anybody can pull off stripes! Stripes are a trend that will never go out of style.

Learn from this Fashionista on how to wear horizontal stripes fabulously. She paired her striped coat perfectly with some tight leggings and laced up boots. The rest of her outfit’s simplicity made her striped coat seem less busy and made her unique coat the focal point of her look. You can find a similar striped coat to this Fashionista's designed by Marc by Marc Jacobs. Finally, she wore a cute, brown cross-body bag and cozy circle scarf that complemented her outerwear’s color scheme. Be bold, buy something striped and be as stylish as this Fashionista!

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