This holiday season, one of my favorite advertising campaigns is Gap’s colorful “Be Bright” message. As seen in previous years as well, the styling signature offers nearly every color and shade ranging from neon to muted. Online and in their shop windows, Gap dresses their models and mannequins head to toe in a single color. Although this styling technique does indeed display Gap’s ability to produce a variety of prints, textures and shades of one color, this effect is difficult to recreate outside of the store and glossy advertisements and on a day-to-day basis in the real world.

This week's Fashionista is Emma, who shows us how to pull off the crowned jewel of the Gap line–candy bright skinny jeans. Gap literally offers every color of the rainbow when it comes to jeans, the pink family alone has at least eight different variations, or so I counted online. Sometimes brightly colored pants, be it jeans or cords, can be slightly daunting to wear in the winter when everyone else seems to be sticking with muted tones. However, this Fashionista’s outfit is one that could very easily be worn on a cold weekday and even into the spring months.

To “winterize” her bright cords, Emma has paired the tight silhouette with a wear-all fisherman’s sweater. Such a sweater, which is best worn either oversized or undersized, was also seen on the Columbia campus a few weeks ago. Free People has a great collection of chunky knits and eye-catching sweaters, but the most classic shapes can be found at the northeastern favorite, L.L.Bean. As for shoes, Emma has chosen wedge booties to slightly dress up her otherwise casual, daytime look. Lastly, the outfit was complete with a completely personalized stack of metallic detail, which is always sure to add an extra dimension of detail to any kind of informal ensemble.

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