Boys, boys, boys when it comes to fashion you have no idea the drama that occurs for us Fashionistas. 

The majority of you never have that dilemma of 'what shall I wear?' T-shirt, jeans…whatever. I’m envious, really and for most of you it works. But if we got you out of that everyday T-shirt into a button-down shirt, gave you a trendy hat instead of that mop of hair and some clean shoes then magic really happens and your fashion IQ just jumped a thousand points. 

This Fashionisto is on his way to meet the boys for a casual night out with friends. He wears a pinstripe navy shirt with black jeans both from Zara Man. He wears a black tie, dog tags and cool aviators to shade away from the sun and finishes the outfit with crisp white trainers from Lacoste.

Hint: Every guy should have a couple of well fitted shirts in his wardrobe and a necessity is a casual blazer. Check out these casual blazers from ZARA Man and some everyday shirts from French Connection for great style ideas.

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