STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Be Cool and Comfortable

What made me stop this Fashionista was her individual, cool style. Her blue dress, which seems like a vintage find, really stood out to me. It has a chevron and striped pattern on it that you can hardly see, but when the fabric moves in just the right way you can see it; it adds a great element to the design. She matched her dress with patterned tights that complimented the pattern on her dress. She wore shiny leather laced up boots to keep the look casual. Next, she accessorized with a grey briefcase-like handbag and a statement cocktail ring. I also loved the way she wore a bright pink lipstick color to add some more color to her look. To learn other beauty tips to add color to your look, read the ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Brighten Up post.

This Fashionista’s whole ensemble is not something that everybody can pull off. It takes a sort of confidence to be able to pull off any certain look. While I totally love how this Fashionista is creative with her style, I know that if I were to wear this I would not feel like myself. Whatever you wear has a direct connection to how you feel so it is important that you are comfortable in what you are wearing at all times.

Don’t get me wrong; trying new styles and trends is a good thing. It is nice to go out of your comfort zone and push boundaries in what you wear but be sure that you feel comfortable flaunting that new outfit and style. If you look great but do not feel great, then try something else on that will make you achieve both. You can also start small. If you want to start wearing something that you are not truly comfortable with yet, take baby steps. For example, if you love sequins but you are not ready to put on that showstopper sequin dress, maybe start small by just wearing a sequin top or sequin shoes first. That way, you grow to be more comfortable with a certain trend. In fashion, it is important to stay true to yourself. If your comfortable in what you are wearing, it will shine through in your cool attitude and style.

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