STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Be cool enough to rock out

Summer is the perfect time to go to see your favorite musician or go to one of the many music festivals that happen during the season Outdoor shows can get hot with the summer sun and crowds of people. This Fashionista is wearing the perfect concert uniform for keeping cool and staying trendy.

I am a big fan of her bag because the bright color adds something unique to her outfit and because it's an over the shoulder bag, she won't ever have to put it on the dirty ground while at a show. This Fashionista also added her own personality to the bag by placing her favorite pins on it. You can get pins or brooches almost anywhere, flea markets usually house the best options. 

This bag from Old Navy is a cross-body bag and comes in peach and violet. It's also made of jersey, which is very light-weight so it won't get hot against your body.

Today's Fashionista is also wearing a Florida summer staple: super short shorts. She did a good job at taking an item that can sometimes look tacky and made it look fashionable and perfect for summertime. She added a nautical touch to her ensemble by paring her shorts with a baggy striped shirt and dark-blue sneakers.

Hint: You can get a pair of shorts like this Fashionista's at American Eagle. While you are there, pick-up this striped top. Wear these items with any old pair of sneakers from your closet or your local thrift store and you'll be ready to rock out. 

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