When I spotted this week’s Fashionista I knew I had to get her picture. First I saw her great, unique hair and then I saw her tailored coat, which immediately gave her a look of sophistication. Besides that, she is wearing riding boots, a very cute animal print infinity scarf and a casual, plaid men’s shirt, which she borrowed from her boyfriend.

A true Fashionista can find style anywhere, so if you have a bunch of older clothes, or a boyfriend who doesn’t mind sharing, take advantage of that and create completely new looks. Don’t throw your old clothes out just yet, because with a couple of simple D.I.Y. tricks you can make a T-shirt into a scarf or a big shirt into a dress. However, if you are going to borrow your boyfriend’s shirt, I wouldn’t advise you to cut it up and be creative… he might not like that!

A huge trend right now, one that can easily be recreated at home, is sheer cut-outs. All you need to do is take an old T-shirt or a blouse, cut a piece out of the back or the sides, and then sew in a mesh fabric or a see-through polyester… and voila, you have created a sexy, mysterious shirt out of a boring old T-shirt. Another big hit are studded or embellished collars, which can also easily be done at home. All you need is either some studs (you can get cheap first time studding kits online) or some beads that you can sew on the collar edges. All these D.I.Y. tricks are very simple, won’t take up much of your time, and best of all, they are the cheapest way of making new outfits for the holidays.

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