Attending fashion school definitely has its perks—like Fashionista/os who aren’t afraid to be daring in their sartorial decisions, the freedom to let your creative mind run wild and one of my favorites: dressing up every day is more of an expectation rather than not. I love the feeling of being able to wear heels to class without being given those “what is she wearing” eyes and this week’s Fashionisto is everything but bland with his choice of bold, beautiful leather pants and as we all know, I have a severe obsession with all things leather as I’ve stated in one of my previous weekly posts.

Now boys, being in college isn’t an excuse to throw on sweats and a T-shirt, use this time to really show your inner Fashionisto and showcase your sense of style and personality. Follow suit of this Fashionisto who showed up to class donning a pair of impeccable leather pants, compliments of All Saints Spitalfields. Paired with a polka dot chambray button down and capped off with tailored blazer, black ankle boots and brilliant gold watch, he exudes confidence in his calm, cool and collected look—with double emphasis on the cool.

Reenact this look by swapping the sweats for a great pair of tailored pants. If you’re more of the dare devil when it comes to fashion, why not try a pair of leather pants—they look great with almost anything and will take any outfit to the next level. If you’re more meek in your choices, don’t worry, add a great pair of dark jeans to your wardrobe, the darker wash will instantly look more sophisticated even if you just throw on a simple V-neck. Change it up by sporting a blazer over the top; maybe even try a bold, dark-colored one in place of the standard black.

However you decide to showcase your personality through your outfits, don’t be afraid to be daring, boys! Being able to express yourself is key when trying to stand out and what better way to stand out than to make a statement with your clothes!

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