STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Be Prepared for a Rainy Holiday

Whether this Labor Day brings rain or shine be prepared! Instead of allowing Mother Nature to take dominate your daily wardrobe decisions, work with it and be practical! I found this Fashionista duo effortless shopping in the rain. Everything from their shoes to their shirts was trendy, yet equipped to handle autumn rain. When the weather is rainy, stick to light material clothing and leather shoes. Zadig & Voltaire have amazing shoes that are equipped for any occasion. Forget the cliché white Labor Day outfits and opt for cool fall colors. Why waste the weekend worrying about white attire? Labor Day should mark the begging of your fall wardrobe not the end of white summer days. When the weather is down, stick to a more natural look by leaving your sun kissed locks out and free. So, in case you are struck by bad weather this holiday weekend you will be prepared to fashionably take it on.

Hint: Don't let humidity and damp weather ruin your Labor Day. Remember leather looks better with age. Try and wear leather boots out in the rain and by the end of the year they will have more character than any pair of Zadig & Voltaire shoes! 

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