No matter what you wear and which body parts you conceal, the fact of the matter is you can’t hide your face or hair! The beauty aspects of an outfit, I’d argue, are of the highest importance. Regardless of how lovely your outfit is, the way you style your hair and apply your makeup can really make or break the look. My style advice of the week is to match the beauty aspect of a look with the fashion aspect of your outfit.

Let’s use the most obvious example of fashion I can think of: a red carpet event. Notice how the womens' hair and makeup are styled to complement not only the wearer but the entire cohesive look as well. For example, take a look at Beyoncé’s side pony paired with her one shouldered dress and red lip to match the dress color. Now imagine how different the look would be if her hair was left loose and straight with a pink lip. That really will change everything. If you’re going out at night, wearing more makeup with a more sophisticated style is what’s generally socially acceptable and socially expected. With daywear, however, I find there’s more of a gray area as to what is considered appropriate. Finding a good balance which allows for self expression while at the same time not looking as if you’re trying too hard should be what you aim for.

This Fashionista wears a lovely powder blue summer dress and gets an A+ for hair and makeup. She keeps her hair frizz free with loose curls for a sweet romantic look. She has a slight tint of blush around the apples of her cheeks and a natural pink on her lips. Her eyes are emphasized with black liner that is not overpowering but is still very visible. All together, a perfect look for daytime. It’s a look that is appropriate for a date, a get together or even work.

Unfortunately, one does not always have the time to style their hair before rushing out the door…so what’s the best solution for always healthy looking, ready to go hair? I asked this Fashionista. She says, “Never use 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner. You can’t wash your hair AND condition it properly at the same time, and much of the moisture you can get from two separate products is lost. When I used 2-in-1s a long time ago, I wasn’t happy with the results. 2-in-1s save you maybe 3 minutes. Take the extra step and care for your hair!” This Fashionista recommends the use of Bath & Body Works shampoo and conditioner in moisturizing mango mandarin and Herbal Essences Body Envy volumizing hairspray. In terms of cosmetics, she’s a big fan of MAC (and frankly, so am I).

So if you must remember only one thing, remember this: fashion doesn’t end where neck begins — make sure your face and hair work cohesively in beauty bliss!

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