The campus Starbucks is the place to be as we close in on fall term. It’s my favorite time of year – emotions running high with equal parts excitement, stress, and holiday cheer. The weather has been beautiful lately; chilly enough to sport winter gear, but warm enough that your nose doesn’t freeze the moment you step outside. However, as we near the holiday break and secure a sport in the BCS Championship (GO DUCKS!) campus fashion has moved more towards sweatpants and Oregon sweatshirts than ever before.

So, today’s Fashionista incorporated one of my favorite fashion accessories – hats – to take her outfit from av to fab. Berets, beanies, fedoras, newsboy caps…I could go on forever. Hats are such a simple way to completely transform a look. Even if you don’t entirely feel like dressing chic from head to toe, adding a cute scarf, hat or fabulous bag, will make a world of difference.

Hint: Channel the past with different hat styles. Try a cloche hat (popular in the 1920s – the era of Coco Chanel) for a classic, elegant look. The fedora (a back-and-forth women’s to men’s style) was especially popular through the 1960’s and now a chic accessory for everything from street to pool-wear. And, of course, the beret – a style made famous by the military in Paris, France in the 19th century. Now, berets are a classy, sophisticated element to many winter ensembles.

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