Today's Fashionista has captured the look of wearing one color. Everything, except her shoes, is blue, but she doesn't resemble a character in Willy Wonka (for those who don't catch this reference, I'm taking about the blueberry). In fact this Fashionista looks comfortable, warm and trendy on this cool fall day.  

The key to wearing the same shade is patterns, dimensions and layers. This Fashionista wears a blue and white striped T-shirt, then adds a layer – a blue jacket. To add contrast she throws on a scarf in a blue pattern. Thus – wearing the same shade and staying comfortable, which one needs when summer turns chilly and the beach sadly turns into the library. 

Blue is a gorgeous transition color for summer to fall, but as it gets colder and colder, the newest trend is red. Seen all over the Fall RTW – and even recently on Heidi Klum at the Project Runway Spring 2011 Fashion Shows. Though it received some criticism, it was straight off the runway, and I believed she rocked it. 

Here are some ways to incorporate red into your wardrobe without overdoing it: 

1) Staring at Stars Cableknit Sweater 

2) Embossed Coin Purse

3) Sergeant's Short Jacket (I love how this incorporates the army trend!)

Just be careful not to mix these two colors – you might end up looking less like a Fashionista and more like an American flag. 

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