As Indiana University Fashionistas and Fashionistos are settling back into school, there is no excuse they can't conquer it in style! Bloomington has persistantly been named a Bicycle Friendly Community and with all the bikers roaming the streets of Kirkwood and Union, this Fashionista stood out with her mint-rimmed wheels. To purchase your own bike for the fall semester, check out Bikesmiths, Bike Garage, Inc. or  Revolution Bike and Bean, who currently have a 10 percent back to school discount on in-stock 2010 bikes. Most students are seen either with the traditional North Face or JanSport backpacks, but I love how this Fashionista was spotted with her Ecote Canvas Backpack. It's such a cute way for her to carry around her over-priced books and pencils that we can only hope she keeps hidden in this Luddith Collection pen case. If you like the distressed look, also check out this Kimchi Blue canvas backpack or this Deux Lux Corduroy Backpack. But if you are more into leather, this Dayton backpack from Fossil is the one for you. I also love this Nylon Cordura School Bag in navy and this BDG Nylon bag in grenadine. All of these backpacks seem to have just enough space for your school goodies, while still allowing you to be the most stylish student on campus.

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