On weekends, New York City completely empties out. The city dies and New Yorkers are nowhere to be seen. The streets are by no means empty, but it’s mainly the bridge and tunnel crowd that fills them. New Yorkers tend to seek refuge in summertime oases like the Hamptons or the Jersey Shore. However, many New Yorkers spend less than ten dollars to cool off in the summer by heading to Central Park, a hub for trendy New Yorkers. This week’s Fashionista was spotted cooling off on her bicycle on one of the bike paths in the park.

The featured Fashionista sports one of the trendiest accessories to have this summer — a bicycle to go along with her chic outfit. She makes a bold fashion statement with royal blue dress shorts and a cream loose-fitted top with royal blue star detailing. Her sunglasses allude to the oversized sunglasses trend; you can find similar glasses at Bloomingdale’s for around $200. This Fashionista does not make an outrageous fashion statement: her look is wearable and you can easily find something similar at stores like Lilly Pulitzer, Zara, and Bloomingdale’s, three stores that are capitalizing on the bold colors trend.

Bolds are in this year, so don’t worry about looking like a highlighter. Bolds are the “It” statement for this season. Now, let me take a moment to remind you of another trend this summer — staying fit. It may be hard to peel away from the desk at your internship, but try to fit in some exercise in your daily routine to keep your body healthy and strong. Be like the featured Fashionista: ride a bike! You can still look stylish while doing so!

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