Nothing gives your outfit an edgy look like a leather jacket. The leather jacket is a timeless piece that every Fashionista should have in their closet. Her dark gray leather jacket gives her casual outfit a little rock 'n' roll style. She wears it over a plain white V-neck shirt from Forever 21, skinny jeans and short black suede boots. Her scarf and earrings finish off the look and give it a touch of color and femininity. This outfit is perfect for when you want to be comfortable and still look stylish during class.

Leather jackets have become one of the most versatile jackets a Fashionista can own. These jackets come in a variety of lengths and styles with different embellishments; zippers, snaps and even fur gives you a large selection to choose from. They are great for day to night ensembles because they can be easily transition from a pair of jeans and a T-shirt to a cocktail dress, giving your nighttime outfit a tough girl look. The key to wearing a leather jacket for a daytime look is keeping it simple. As you can see with this week’s CollegeFashionista, she chose pieces that don’t overpower the main focus of the outfit: the jacket. I think it is best to keep it simple with a plain shirt or a graphic T-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans. Another daytime look would be to pair the jacket with jean shorts, a tank top and some short black biker boots. When wearing a leather jacket for a night out, try “leather and lace” or pairing it with a cute floral dress looks great!

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If there’s any piece of clothing that a Fashionista can count on year after year, it’s her trusty motorcycle jacket. It is a timeless, versatile staple that can be rocked by anyone, no matter what your personal style is. Layering a motorcycle jacket over an outfit will vamp up your look and make any ensemble become instantly cool. 

This Fashionista rocked a chic biker babe look (no Harley Davidson necessary). She layered her motorcycle jacket over a boxy forest green plaid blouse and balances out her loose fitting top with a pair of sleek skinny jeans. To complete the look, she added a pair of rocker chic patent oxfords and a unique tote that is large enough to carry all the books necessary for a long day of classes.

No matter if your style is more boho, edgy, preppy or feminine, you can work a motorcycle jacket into your wardrobe. Take a cue from this week’s Fashionista and pair the jacket with some skinny jeans to add a bit of edge to your look. For a sleeker look, pair your jacket with a feminine dress or a mini skirt for a night out on the town. 

While black leather motorcycle jackets seem to be the norm, don’t be afraid to play around with different textures, colors and embellishments! From studded jackets to metallic leathers, there are many different styles available that will suit you whatever your personal sense of style is. 

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I have my first tan-line, and it’s officially feeling like summer. I really just want to wear as minimal fabric as possible when it’s this hot out, which makes it quite difficult to look trendy and not trashy.

Although she’s not wearing much, this Fashionista managed to look so adorable on her retro bike in high wasted black jean shorts and a strapless top. Shopbop has a really great pair of black cutoffs, but if you’re feeling a little adventurous, go ahead and DIY! Jenny’s top is from American Apparel’s Afrika Print line, and this style is available in a slew of different colours. Her final accessory was a pair of classic Ray-Ban Aviators (my personal favourite), and a topknot.

Keeping things simple in this heat is critical, and Jenny proves this with her sweet and practical outfit.

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As soon as we thought spring weather was coming, we were pummeled with cold winds yet again. With our campus right on the lake, we are getting cold chills, making our faces chilled to the bone! Although this is true, this isn't stopping us Columbia students and our fashion. Most of us are in denial and are still busting out our spring favorites, but then once we get outside we have to run to class before we lose feeling throughout our bodies. On one of those calm and gray days, I spotted this student jamming to her own tune down the streets around campus. With the dark sky above, this Fashionista knew what would work for a day like this: blackout.

Black boots, pants, gloves, and leather jacket made it the ultimate biker chick look in the appropriate weather for it. As an ongoing trend, we see the leather jacket a lot of the time on the runways, in stores, and on everyday people. The leather jacket has been extremely popular amongst the young crowd, and has now made its way up to the older crowd. It all started out with westerns and all their leather jackets and chaps, which then made its way to our favorite motorcyclists we see beside our cars along the highway. Now, we see it on everyday people, in the fall, winter, and spring occasionally. There are different styles that include pockets, zippers, hoodies, sheepskin lining, fur, and layers. With the one seen on this Fashionista, shes got the simple zipper along the middle, pockets, and cuffs around the wrists. In order to keep her warmer with the wind, she has paired up her blackout ensemble with a creamy  nude circle scarf, making her look simplistic and young at the same time.

As I have mentioned before in a previous post, circle scarves are a must and can be paired up with almost everything! Here, we see it paired up with the classic leather biker jacket. When on a college budget, it's hard to afford a real leather jacket, considering they can be priced in the hundreds or thousands, so go to the next step which is a faux leather jacket. Places like Forever 21 can give you exactly what your looking for at a great price for our college student budgets. So if you still have a leather jacket sitting in your closet, wear it a couple times before it gets too hot. If you don't have one already, leather jackets are a must and can be worn in almost every season, depending on the weather–it is a great buy and will make you feel confident with your tough, biker chick look.

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Whoever said that leather jackets and black clothing should be saved for evenings, clearly has not seen how chic this combo looks in the daylight! This Fashionista put together an outfit that had a tough “biker chic” look that is very in style for spring. Her outfit featured a motorcycle leather jacket, black leggings, black ankle boots and a leather black shoulder bag. It may sound like an over indulgence of black, but when put together this look offers up a European vibe that one would imagine seeing on the cafe lined streets of Paris rather than Bloomington, Indiana.

This week, I recommend that Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike try their hand at achieving their own European, biker chic look by playing around with dark hues and tough fabrics, such as leather. Urban Outfitters houses a great selection of leather jackets that will be sure to toughen any look.

Style On,


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