STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Tailored to Perfection

Black pants are slimming, classic, fun and a fashion staple. What’s not to like? You can pair them with a blouse and be interview-ready. You can pair them with an oversized sweater and be comfortable. Or you can pair them with a white tee and a neutral cardigan like this Fashionista and look classy, professional and sophisticated all at the same time.

Could she be going on an interview? Yes. Could she be going to class? Yes. Could she be going on a date? Yes. Versatility is a beautiful thing, and this Fashionista got it just right.

What I love about this outfit is that she took three basic pieces and created a flexible and gorgeous ensemble. The tailored black pants are the staple. A basic white tee is all she needed on top, under that gorgeous tan speckled cardigan. It’s not quite “oversized,” but it also isn’t too form fitting either. After slipping on some brown Mary Jane shoes and a geometric necklace, she was set. Oh wait, don’t forget the gorgeous black tote she has on her shoulder!

Polyvore has a wide selection of tailored black pants, though I love this Fashionista’s choice to buy them in capris style. A white tee can be found anywhere, but a similar cardigan (sans speckled design) can be hunted down at your local Target (for only $20 too!). The black tote can also be found in a variety of shops, but Forever 21 has a phenomenal Buckled Camera Bag I’m currently obsessed with. Urban Outfitters offers a slue of geometric jewelry, which is peach pit popularity right now (see Thread editor’s Top 5 pick of geometric gems).

As I said before, the beauty of this outfit is that, like the eight-way camisole, it can be sported in eight (or more) scenarios and look fantastic each and every time.  Buying outfits that can be worn to multiple events and venues is a wise and strategic move. It will not only save you some bucks, but it will also make you feel like you’re actually getting full use out of the clothes you buy.

This Fashionista looks confident and professional, but her outfit could lead her just about anywhere. Thanks to those gorgeous slacks, she’s sophisticated, but not overdressed. They make the outfit. Thank you to the tailored black pant, a true iconic staple.

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Let’s face it: there are days when we feel too lazy to dress-up. This is especially true when papers and midterms come; we would rather sleep in than than think about what to wear in the morning. So, how to look fantastic in spite of this? I say, stick with black: it is very versatile as it can go from cool to chic. Our Fashionista shows us how.

She is wearing the famous little black dress. She then adds a jean jacket which adds a cool factor to the overall outfit. The printed bag, sandals and black rings all provide the “edge” – the finishing touches that emphasize the laidback vibe. It is an easy look since all the pieces she wears are very basic. But take note on how the black dress adapts to the vibe she wanted to achieve: cool and relaxed.

I say black is the easiest colour to match since it can blend with any vibe and/or personality. For illustration, let’s use our Fashionista’s look. Changing the sandals to heels and adding a chunky necklace gives a feminine vibe while wearing a blazer instead of a jean jacket makes a sophisticated look. A pair of motorcycle boots and black tights would resemble the impression that of an off-duty model. Keep in mind, Fashionistas, that this works for other black pieces of clothing as well such as pants, shirts and leggings. You can match them with anything and any colour of your choice!

So, Fashionistas, for the coming school year, I suggest that you invest in a nice black dress and a comfortable pair of jeans or leggings. Trust me, I am 100% sure that they will come in handy.

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Black will always be a sophisticated, elegant and classic color. Although spring has arrived in San Francisco, people on the street are still wearing black, because black is a flattering color and it goes with everything. These Fashionistas are about to go bowling and they both chose black as a predominant color; black coat, black leather jacket, black shoes. They both demonstrate an outfit with the perfect amount of black. As sophisticated as black may be, it can also be a dark, morbid color, therefore, there needs to be a balanced amount of black. Since it is spring and summer is nearing, incorporate dashes of color in your accessories, like necklaces, bangles, head accessories, etc. Black is a classic color and since neutrals and pastels are all the rage right now, pair a classic little black dress with a tan trench coat. This look is timeless. Don't forget your big sunglasses and floppy hat to complete the timeless and elegant look.

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