As winter snow showers make their final debuts, we can only help but feel it’s time to shed our dark wintery colors. The easiest and freshest way to revamp a wardrobe is to bring in some neutral tones. Make your transition less abrupt by incorporating both dark and neutral shades.

What’s the best way to do this, you ask? Adopt an old fashion faux pas, black and brown. This week’s Fashionista proves that the tabooed black and brown combo can be conquered with little effort. She perfectly balances beige, black and white to achieve a look that is just as classy as black on black.

Each item chosen by today’s Fashionista lends a wonderful element to her outfit. Her military inspired peacoat is the wonderful camel color that was all the rage this fall, and her brown leather cowboy boots work well with her choice of simple black tights.

Take the lead from this Fashionista, and try to start with a bold piece in a shade of brown, such as a trench coat. Then, work on coordinating the rest of your outfit. Instead of black tights you could try out some black jeans. If you’re more in love with the neutral aspect of the outfit take fellow Style Guru, Justine Nolte’s advice. She suggests coordinating as many as 2 or 3 neutral shades for the perfect look, and throwing in a bold colored accessory for extra flair.

Once you’ve achieved your perfect neutral-toned look, get ready for the compliments. Lately the world of fashion has fallen in love with neutrals, so why not give them what they want!


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