October, although festive, still tends to get people in a dull mood. From midterms and paper gloomy weather, the combination can get pretty depressing sometimes. Many people find it harder and harder to wear bright colors and bold pieces to spice up their day because there is no time, and no motivation.

This Fashionista did not need to wear bright colors to lift up her spirits. Her black and white ensemble fit the mood perfectly while still being adorable and completely school appropriate. The black and white pearls she wears, in addition to the black rose earrings she has on, are particularly fashion forward- black jewelry is really great way to change your look around this month.

Juicy Couture has amazing black jewelry pieces that you will fall in love with. Buy any one of them and they will become a staple for every outfit of yours for the rest of the semester. This shield and key necklace has an old rustic look while still having that classic Juicy-flare. This ring is perfect for those looking to splurge a little- it's also a great gift idea. This black Onyx necklace, however, is a personal favorite. It can be worn with anything, every single day of the week, and it can match any style you choose for the day.

Enjoy the festivities, ladies and gentleman- and don't forget that you don't need color to look like a Fashionista (or Fashionisto)!

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