Kate Moss hands down is one of fashion’s poster examples of eclectic style. She combines pieces with a model-off-duty aesthetic, vintage collaboration, and always premiering as the eternal party girl. One of her perfected looks includes the all black ensemble. Black is the chic color of choice that has been able to translate from evening cocktails to morning buzzed cafes. Although being Technicolor is quite literally bright and full of fun, the simplicity of the dark neutral has mass appeal. To the unknowing they may think wearing all black is easy, but on the contrary, it’s a true effort to assure that all shades are right and that you still have a silhouette.

This Fashionista highlights a fantastic black tunic, sleek tights, and distressed black boots. She looks airy with a hint of mystery but the overall look is attainable. The first step is to build from a key piece. The tunic is a perfect way of playing with proportions and detail. For the fabulous city gal strutting the streets, try a modern drape effect paired with leather shorts and a pointy toe wedge. It will be the perfect ensemble for patio lunches and traffic-stopping crosswalks. Stand out during any music festival in a fatigue inspiration piece, cigarette skinny jeans, fedora and sling back oxfords. You will truly be making music against the acid wash and cut up band tees. For a dreamy night amongst the stars, have a fringe moment with chandelier earrings and platforms pumps. It’ll be the lux appeal for dim light venues and fireworks. No matter what’s on the daily checklist, in the end, the result can only be black magic.

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