STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Black and White in a New York Minute

Black, white and chic in a New York minute. This Fashionista captures the achromatic style of the Big Apple in a way that is fresh and summer ready. Her retro Grease Lightening-inspired black high-waisted jean shorts are perfect, and my go-to item in this city. Although white shorts are in high demand during the hot days under the sun against ones sun kissed skin, these dark black jean shorts allow any Fashionista to have a perfect day to night look in reverse, paired with the vintage tailored white menswear shirt (how to DIY). Still one of my key pieces for several seasons, whether the trend goes in and out of style I find myself always tying up my semi-sheer white button down with a more feminine look or even pairing it with a less causal dress or pair of shorts. The key is wearing something unexpected or reversing trends at times but of course in controlled proportions. Don't stress about whether everything your wearing is in style, its good to be green, so go green recycle your clothes from season to season and even from generation to generation. Some trends aren't for everyone or don't suit everyones body type as well as style; the key here is incorporating these current trends even if it is little at a time.

This Fashionista takes a spin on the classic black and white look showing some skin in a classy way and pairing this look with feminine heels to elongate her form instead of rugged boots or typical strappy pumps. These dainty slide ons are perfect for this summer's trends with color-blocking in a way that is less vibrant for those city girls who may fear color. Well no fear here there are ways to have this look but still adding pops of color for summer; whether it is a saturated bright lipstick or accessorizing with dark maroon sunglasses, it is the key to spicing up a traditional closet and can be done before you even raise your hand to hail a cab or dive into the underground to catch the subway. 

This Fashionista lets her outfit speak for itself, while she doesn't focus on accessories or jewelry, simply wearing her own signature pieces and and simple gold earrings. She embodies the girlyness that sometimes I feel is lost in the Lower East Side due to the traffic of edgy and trendy people on the streets of Alphabet City. She proves that you can still buy vintage clothing following a New Yorker's color palette but continue to dress in a sophisticated way even if there is some skin showing but in a tasteful manner. This thrifty Fashionista doesn't break the bank on this outfit and proves that vintage shopping doesn't always mean band tee's and ripped jean shorts. However, neither does she waste time getting ready. Find those key pieces even if they aren't shocking in color or pattern and keep them handy to throw on with your new favorite purchased item or to dress up as well as down a favorite summer find. This outfit could carry this Fashionista from the Lower East Side all the way to the Upper East Side.

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