STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Blaze Your Way in 2011

It that time again at the University of Arizona where  winter vacation must come to an end and the seemingly endless work begins. It is always very hard to pull ourselves out of those sweats we love to lounge in during those lazy days of curling up next to the television, but with a new year upon us it’s time for a new you. Remember the way you always looked forward to the outfit you'd wear on the first day of school? Well, what better way to make an impression than to walk in with a brand new suit, or rather, a sleek boyfriend blazer.

Always a fan of menswear pieces, I immediately appreciated the way this Fashionista added her own feminine touches to the blazer. The printed blouse she wears underneath makes an equally impressive statement about her style and really pops amidst the black tights and gorgeous pair of pumps. Lastly, I loved the way she topped off the look with a black Chanel-inspired purse; completing the look. Going the opposite way and taking the menswear look even further with a pair of wide-leg trousers and ruffled top, can also make for a great interview option.

Despite which way you choose to go, a blazer is a great way to create a professional look to prepare for the work ahead and shed that snuggie for good!

Hint: You can also mimic this Fashionista’s compliment of feminine vs masculine in a night time look. Try pairing the blazer with a flirty sequin mini and a pair of peep toes for a party or a cute a-line for a first date 

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