This season’s latest trends have colored outside the lines in a plethora of ways, bending rules with bold cuts and mixing prints to form collages of color. This week’s Fashionista highlights yet another trend turned on its head. Denim is now working its way up from bottom to top. In both male and female wardrobes, this rodeo inspired piece is a must-have for multiple seasons.

This week’s Fashionista drapes her denim over a bohemian-inspired look. The oversized cut and strong lines of her shirt provide beautiful contrast against the soft silhouettes of a floral sundress and crochet vest. Perfect for pairing with feminine pieces, this western-inspired button-down is an attractive addition to otherwise dainty collections.

To strike a balance between business and casual, try pairing this piece with high-waisted black trousers or slim-fit cropped pants. Or pair this blue blouse with white denim or camel-colored trousers for any season from spring to fall. Accessorize with gladiator sandals like this Fashionista, or pull on brown boots to transition into fall.

From the office to the sidewalk, or from spring to fall, the denim shirt is sure to make the perfect match. To round up rodeo-inspired shirts as stylishly as this Fashionista, check out  J.Crew and Madewell

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