On her way back from hostessing at Serendipity 3, I spotted this Fashionista’s maxi from blocks away. However, when I stopped to photograph this Fashionista, it was her bubbly and energetic personality that became immediately apparent. The smile on her face continued to grow as the moments passed, which brought out the life in her outfit. The maxi’s bold patterns and bright colors are the perfect match for this Fashionista’s personality and sense of style.

At a mere five feet, two inches tall, this Fashionista told me she very rarely wears maxi dresses simply because they overwhelm her with the quantity of fabric. However, when paired with a cute pair of heels and pulled up by a high-wasted belt, Fashionistas of any height can pull off the iconic maxi dress. Furthermore, this Fashionista even exemplifies how best to dress up a maxi with the appropriate heels and jewelry to turn this day look into dinner appropriate attire. 

This Fashionista’s darker toned accessories complement the exotic fabric of her dress, making it the focus point of the outfit. On a perfectly sunny day like this one, the blend of browns, blues and reds come alive as the accessories add a bit of shine to this Fashionista’s step. The dress’s rustic colors paired with the dark gold bangles and oversized hanging earrings create a pulled together look that expresses this Fashionista’s individual creativity.


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