The recent opening of Rag & Bone in Georgetown has opened the floodgates for a denim innovation at George Washington University this fall. What once was a monotonous sea of black skinny jeans has become a place where people are credited for taking risks. With the bell bottom revival, coated- textures and candy-colored varieties, what denim one chooses to wear has become more than just a decison of functional garment, but an assertion of one’s personal style.

I found this Fashionista on her way to grab coffee before class. She was in a rush and just happened to throw on a loose-fitted nautical striped shirt from Brandy Melville, Jack Rogers sandals, Gucci aviator-style sunglasses and most remarkably, bright blue denim skinny jeans from Rag & Bone.

In a way, the cobalt blue jeans make an ironic statement. Considering that basic jeans are traditionally in a spectrum of faded, almost gray-blue, to dark, almost black-blue, the brightness this Fashionista brings makes her denim playful. The pants really stand out from her muted top and the accents of her gold sandals.

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