Just in last week’s post I encouraged all of you Fashionistas/os to experiment with a darker side of spring fashion by blending the classic choices, such as pastel colored dresses and strappy sandals, with unconventional choices, such as studded boots, and black leather. This week, continuing with this idea of quirky twists to spring styles, I encourage taking your wardrobe to a higher plane by going bolder and brighter with this season’s traditional clothing.

This Fashionista, with her eye-catching floral printed dress, is the perfect example of livening up the classic spring dress. The dress’s intense medley of colors ranging from hot pink to soft blue, it’s cluttered and chaotic pattern, and deep v-line cut makes it a unique and edgy choice. She evens out the explosive look of her dress with solid colors in the rest of her outfit. She color codes to a tee with a light gray shoulder bag outlined in hot pink and tan, heeled boots.

Embolden your own seasonal wardrobe this week, Fashionistas/os! Fashionistas, step into the eccentric with choosing patterns, colors and styles for your bold version of a spring dress. Try out a bright maxi dress, like this one by Ali Ro, or if you’re looking for something more form-fitting, try out this dress by Fenn Wright Manson. Fashionistos, look to liven up your footwear with a pair of multicolored Sperry’s, or try a colorful collared shirt like this one from Urban Outfitters. Have fun and make this look your own!

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