STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Bold in the Cold is Hot

Bold moves are all about bringing out your bright colors, funky patterns, and favorite garments and mixing ‘em all up. Even though you might not have the confidence to do that all the time, you can still take the risk every once in a while and learn how to perfect the bold moves. Here is a perfect example of mixing and matching in the Chicago windy weather. This Fashionista has put together an outfit made of different patterns and colors within her winter accessories.

A designer who does a great job with mixing and matching is Betsey Johnson. She has always been so good with her colors, especially pinks, and her patterns, like polka dots and florals. This Columbia student was found outside the art building, which is filled with hundreds of creative brains. She just finished a long day of art and metal classes, and still was able to pull off her look. Under her coat, she was sporting a simple striped pattern dress, but above, topped it off with a plaid coat, eskimo-like hoodie, striped gloves, black tights, and some red suede boots. This trendy Columbia arts student has put together a fun outfit and was successful in the bold moves category.

So, when the clothes you have been wearing for the past couple weeks are in the hamper, and your school laundry costs are a little too much for your monthly budget, then head on over to your closet and try to put together your favorite pieces. No need to buy new clothes last minute, go in there and find your red top, polka dot scarf, black jeans, purple coat, and take that fashionable risk you have always been wanting to take. Now that you are among thousands of students around you at your campus, you can make great new impressions by showing them your funky, fun side—go get 'em!

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