Color blocking: what exactly is it? In simple terms, it is the combination of particular colors to compliment one another. However, not all people are brave enough to give it a try. Eye-grabbing, unexpected colors are what make the aspect of bold color blocking appealing to fellow fashionistas. Being full swing into winter, it’s always nice to see bold colors and aspects that will excite us; living bold never seems to fade in the fashion world.  Robert Frost once said, “Freedom lies in being bold.” I must concur with Mr. Frost. Being bold and expressing one’s style is the ultimate sense of satisfaction, and shows the world and its bystanders you are not afraid to be who you truly are. 

With this said, today’s Fashionista sports the perfect combination of color, with the ever-so popular neutral staple items. Wearing neutrals is an easy way to balance out the boldness of an outfit, and not overwhelm oneself while experimenting with color. With her classic crisp white button up, a timeless trench and neutral pumps, this Fashionista completes the outfit with a bold statement, her high-waisted orange-red shorts. Adding a touch of color to any outfit makes it that much more exciting. This Fashionista stands out and is allowed to express her own personal style. To complete the outfit, she has a blue-gray beaded necklace, as well as her cat-like glasses to give it a '50s glamorous touch. Although some may be afraid to completely indulge themselves in bright orange shorts, try adding color to every outfit. A red trench coat versus a neutral color, a fun colored wedge or even an outstanding necklace are all great choices. One’s wardrobe deserves that color boost that can easily brighten anyone’s day. It’s an easy fix to a drab outfit, and after all, it’s all about the element of surprise. 

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