Geek chic has been on trend for a while now, but it is the perfect trend to follow as most of us begin to hit the finals period. Instead of pulling on sweats and letting your style go totally out the window during this stressful time, try a simple academic-inspired look with a few comfy layers and cute quirky touches. I caught this Fashionista as she rushed past me; first I noticed her large rimmed glasses and then her effortlessly chic style that made her look intelligent and important yet down to earth. A look like hers is perfect for any college girl, as it is inspired by the Ivy league look of the 1960s Seven Sisters students but with a modern hipster edge. To get a look like hers, first educate yourself on the styles of the Fashionista fore sisters by clicking through the blog Ivy Style, then raid you grandparents' house and look for vintage jackets, college pins and, of course, your grandpa’s cable knit sweaters.

You never seem to know what temperature the library is going to be, one minute the air conditioning is on full blast and your fingers are so cold it's hard to type, and then next it is like the the Sahara dessert and sitting for longer than 20 minutes in unbearable. Therefore, it is essential that you wear layers. This Fashionista seems to have gotten the layers memo and wears a thin cashmere sweater under a big comfortable “grandpa sweater” and a light jacket. To get this look, try a thin cashmere sweater or cardigan like this quirky cropped cardigan from Betsey Johnson. On top, add a big cable knit sweater or oversized boyfriend cardigan like this one from Urban Outfitters. To make sure that she does not go full on gender-bender, this Fashionista wears tight high-waisted jeans and adds a few feminine touches like a couple vintage rings and letting her hair down. You can get high-waisted skinny jeans like this Fashionista's at American Apparel. Get rid of those awful UGG Boots, or the gross flip flops you have had for way too long, and replace them with a pair of cute oxfords or slip-on loafers like these from ASOS. To finish off her nerd-transformation, this Fashionista wears a pair of oversized spectacles that frame her face nicely, like these from Oliver Peoples. Brooklyn-based online store Fred Flare is perfect for fun and nerdy accessories like Hello Kitty glasses, which are great for those of us who do not actually need help seeing but want to take part in the bifocal trend, as well as handlebar mustache rings and an Alice and Wonderland-inspired necklace. Be sure to add fun touches like these that make you smile so that studying is a little less dreary. Ladies, this finals period, dump the frump and get geek chic next time you hit the books.

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