Do you remember in grade school when summer was almost over and you knew when Labor Day arrived the new academic year would commence. Now a great majority of college students had most of their summer in classrooms, internships, and workshops. Students are very aware of the term labor and especially within this heat forecast terms it doesn’t look any easier. To all those who are still looking chic in this weather I commend you. Even though the season’s favorites of gladiator sandals and espadrilles are coming to a holt it also means the arrival of some other fantastic footwear. Boots are a fall staple and automatically you think high rise leather riding boots with a buckle or two. Sure I insist you stack up on those unforgettable’s but maybe try and remix a little and find a charming set of rubber booties. There is something quite nostalgic about them you almost hope that a lunchbox is packaged along with it. This Fashionista shows off her grown up accessories with her classic black booties, Alexander Wang Rocco duffle, simple shirt tunic, and shades. She looks modern by embracing subtle touches with bold details. Let the boots create harmony and exude a bit of your pronounced style. Mix and match with autumn dresses, rough denim, and sweet accessories. It can be the perfect amount of masculinity or that touch of femininity. You can find a pair with fun colors, details, and leg lengths. In the end make sure it allows you to stomp proudly with open mind and fabulous thoughts.

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