Today's feature illustrates how each person incorporates a "trend" into their own wardrobe making it unique for their personality.

Take a look at the first Fashionista who gave attitude through the use of a bow print embedded into the design of her camisole. An onlooker could tell that the bold personality this Fashionista possess through her wardrobe choice and expression in this photograph. Not wanting to overdue the look of girlish bows, this Fashionista stuck to a more subdued way of incorporating this element into her outfit.

The second Fashionista infused an oversized bow to her fitted skirt to act as the belt to her outfit. The soft, small floral print of her skirt balance the over exaggerated element of this bow tie belt. Tying in the color palette of her skirt, this Fashionista choose a pale blue blouse to really allow the emphasize of her ensemble to be on the bow.

Both Fashionistas showed how bows can play a large or small role in your wardrobe. If you love to express yourself through darker fashion choices, reference this University of Maryland's Fashionista incorporation of bows seen throughout her tights.

Get inspired by all three of these Fashionistas outfits and place elements of bows throughout your wardrobe this week!

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