Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Whether you love or hate this holiday, it is inevitably acknowledged the second week in February. This Fashionista had a perfectly androgynous outfit, which I thought would perfectly describe Valentine’s Day.

First, she wore dark washed skinny jeans, which should be an asset to every women’s closet by now. We’ve all been rocking the plaid shirts for awhile, but this Fashionista brought back another version of plaid; untucked and unbuttoned. This look is easily attainable for us girls. Ladies, steal (a.k.a kindly borrow) your boyfriend’s plaid shirt. This way it will be a bit bigger and baggy. Before you leave his closet, search for his suspenders. Any color works, but if there are other options besides plain black, take it. This Fashionista chose a loose beige T-shirt, which I appreciated instead of a fitted tee. It adds more to the relaxed inspired look, which is a guy style. So, even when you’re in class, you can have a couple things on to remind you of your other half.

To make this look feminine, go through your jewelry and find the boldest and funkiest necklace you own. You could even visit a vintage shop and find a unique one for very cheap. This Fashionista ditched the over the knee boot trend and stuck with a barely ankle high boot in a baby blue color, which adds color and brings out the shades in her shirt. Since it is February, add any color cardigan for warmth.

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