STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Brave the Cold in Shorts and Tights

We are finally feeling winters wrath with temperatures no higher than twenty degrees and snow flurries. However, that doesn’t mean to put away pieces from your summer wardrobe! This Fashionista showed us even in the winter season, jean shorts can be fashionable.

If I saw someone parading around downtown Iowa City wearing jean shorts in December I would automatically think they were insane. This Fashionista instantly changed my mind. Paired with tights she easily pulled off the look and stayed warmer then she would with bare legs. Another pair of shorts you could try wearing with tights in the winter season is the trouser short such as this one from Forever 21. This will give your outfit a more wintery edge but still follow the trend this Fashionista was sporting. You could also play with the style of tights under the shorts. Patterned tights have been very popular or you could try a color other then black such as gray.

Another thing I love about her ensemble is her silk shirt. I really enjoyed the intricate pattern. It added a lot of flair to her otherwise black outfit and the pattern made this shirt unique. It was unlike any other top I have seen. The mesh detail at the top helped make this shirt so fashion forward. Mesh is a trend I have been seeing a lot of this season from retailers such as American Apparel to stores like Target. It's all over the place! 

Despite the weather whip out your cutest pair of shorts and rock them with some tights!

Hint: For an assortment of tights try Urban Outfitters.

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