When it comes to fashion, it is important to break the rules sometimes. There are tons of rules and myths in the fashion world that people follow and believe in. At Columbia College Chicago, the students who make their own fashion rules instead of obeying the common fashion dont's are often the most stylish students around campus.

It is a common belief that you should not mix brown and black pieces. When I saw this Fashionista have a brown and black ensemble on, I was ecstatic. I love when people break away from fashion myths and create their own style. I personally think brown and black go well together and do not believe in this myth; you just need to know how to complement the colors in order for them to look well together.

One way to mix brown and black well is by utilizing a variety of fabrics or textures to create more of a contrast. Wearing different textures also make your outfit more interesting and unexpected. This Fashionista mixed different textures by wearing a black leather jacket with brown suede moccasins. Another way you could do this is by wearing black leather boots with a brown knit top. You should also try to add some vivid colors to make the black and brown ensemble look less dull. This Fashionista wore a bright blue denim pant and a brown leather bag with a colorful print that showed off her personal style. She proves that brown and black are indeed a perfect match.

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