STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Break the Rules and Stand Apart

You see it all around campus: the dull, worn-out look composed of a black North Face, sweatpants or jeans, and the tall chestnut Uggs. We're all guilty of sporting the almost-too-comfy look one time or another, but what we don't realize is that we can be just as comfortable while setting ourselves apart from the rest of campus.

This Fashionista is doing just that. With the combination of neon green accents, a white North Face, and black Moon Boots, she is cute and casual with her own personal flair. Typically so many unique details would be overdoing it, however, this look is simple when you break it down: a few neutrals (grey, black, and white) and an intense punch of color (neon lime green) whose spunk matches the boots she's sporting. 

The item that brought me to this Fashionista, other than the crazy boots, was the Michael Kors cable knit scarf. A dark gray and neon color combination is something we'd normally pass up in fear of not being able to pull it off, but in reality, anybody can add it on top of a black, gray or even royal blue coat to add some fun. 

As winter is slowly winding down, don't be afraid to try something that's caught your eye. End of season sales are perfect opportunities to purchase something you may not be too sure of but you take a look at every time you're at the mall. You never know, you may start a trend for next winter!

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