As the various Fashion Week shows around the world slowly come to an end, Fashionistas and Fashionistos on campus are taking note and implementing styles seen on the runway into their daily wear. Based on the runway, we can see that all neon colors are back and here to stay! There is no better way to welcome spring than by flaunting neon hues. Designers presented neon colors in a versatile way this season, making it oh so easy to incorporate neon into any wardrobe. Models wore neon pants, shoes, bras, skirts and even bracelets! Welcome this spring season with a splash of neon.

This Fashionisto looks fabulous in his army cargo pants and bright yellow cardigan. He cleverly makes the tailored cardigan a statement piece by contrasting it with his earth green cargo pants. Bring the runway to the campus by adding neon touches to your wardrobe! Brighten up a black trousers and a white button blouse with a neon clutch for a sophisticated dinner or add neon Afrikaans inspired necklace with a maxi pink floral dress for a cute spring look. If you want to be a true spring Fashionista, buy a pair of bright blue heels and pair them with an earth toned smock dress. Neon color palette is fun and refreshing, so be creative and mix and match to see what bright idea you can come up with.

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