STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Bright, Bold and Beautiful!

Some of the biggest and most undeniably in-your-face trends of the summer are colorful pants and shorts. We Fashionistas are no longer restricted to simple jeans, white pants or khakis; oh no! This summer is all about breaking out of your comfort zone and reaching for some pink denim pants instead of your every-day, go-to bottoms. I can honestly say that every color of the rainbow has been making an appearance in the form of pants, shorts and capris these days, and I am loving every minute of it!

I absolutely adore the shorts on this Fashionista. Not only is the emerald color so magnificent and eye-catching, but the cut and style are extremely flattering as well. The high waist on the shorts hits her at just the right spot and gives her the ideal hourglass shape. And while the shorts are great on their own, this Fashionista managed to slip in another huge summer trend as well: nautical.

This Fashionista chose to pair her bright green shorts with a navy and white striped long sleeve T-shirt. The horizontal stripes definitely give the ensemble a nautical feeling without the need for an overwhelming amount of obnoxious anchors or sailor hats. Simplicity is definitely the key to rocking this look. Sometimes wearing such a standout piece, like her shorts, can be tricky. You definitely don’t want to overload your outfit with too much color or too many patterns. This Fashionista executed the look perfectly by choosing a subtle shirt that isn’t fighting the shorts for attention. Rather, both pieces complement each other and tie together effortlessly.

To complete the look, this Fashionista topped off the outfit with her classic Ray-Ban shades and simple black flats. Again, I think any more color would have been a bit much (except for her red lip — love that!) By keeping her accessories simple, the shorts are truly able to shine.

To mimic her high-waisted and colorfully bold shorts, check out these shorts from Topshop. And if you’re looking for a simple, nautical-inspired tee, check out this one from Michael Stars. Honestly Fashionistas, as long as you remember to balance the bold and bright with the soft and simple, you will knock this look out of the park!

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