STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Bright Hues And Boat Shoes

It is not true that preppy does not suit everyone. It is the perfect way to accomplish a clean yet relaxed look, and personally I am partial to any ensemble that encompasses both qualities. This look has become more than a school uniform and there are many possibilities to transform it to cater to individual tastes. It is also versatile enough for a day of classes, meetings or just running errands. This Fashionista even includes a few nautical touches to her ensemble for additional dimension.

Most would identify the combination of boat shoes and navy stripes with the summer months, but this CollegeFashionista proves everyone wrong sporting a preppy, nautical look nearing November. The red toothpick jeans are an electrifying contrast against the simplicity of the white blouse. She ties the outfit together with a navy and white striped cardigan and chocolate brown leather boat shoes, which are insanely cute and comfortable.

The best part is that this Fashionista’s look is easy to accomplish with just a couple of simple pieces like a white or striped T-shirt or blouse, colored chinos or jeans, boat shoes or flats and a cardigan. Some other ways to add a pop of brightness is with a vibrant cardigan like this one from Madewell or these adorable red patent-leather Top-Siders by Sperry.

Even if you have steered away from it in the past, give a preppy, pulled-together look a shot for a cute day-out ensemble. By adding a little brightness, simple stripes and your own personal touches, the outfit will be anything but boring.

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