If you've popped into the store lately, you might have noticed the wide range of accessory options that are currently available. While hats, belts and jewelry have always enjoyed being in the shopping spotlight, nothing is more essential to your closet than a statement scarf. As much as I appreciate the sophistication and simplicity of a classic slim silk scarf, I often prefer a bold, eye-catching style of neckwear to adorn myself on those chillier spring days. It's a great way to bring a look from run-of-the-mill to chic and inspiring.

This accessory trend can be easily incorporated by anyone, regardless of age or personal style. This Fashionista is adds a vibrant pop of color to her otherwise monochromatic outfit with this brilliant gold canary piece. The low scoop adds the perfect amount of flair, while still keeping her look unfussy and clean. She further accentuates with a long pendant necklace that keeps her look balanced and proportionate. I truly believe that this is the way to go during this season – choosing clean pieces, while still maintaining a sense of youthfulness and modernity.

As much as I love patterns and prints to bring to life any outfit, I also believe in the sheer power of solid colors, as presented by this Fashionista. That said, I have had my eye in several scarves to add to my spring wardrobe that while simple, will certainly add that much needed splash of fun. This Theodora and Callum Scarf in yellow would look excellent against your summer whites. For those of you who like the infinity style, this Pins and Needles Lace Eternity Scarf from Urban Outfitters would certainly fulfill your fashion needs.

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