STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Brighten Up your Day

Who says that orange can't be the new black? Or any color for that matter? Walking around campus, you would have to be blind to not notice the masses of people walking to class bundled up in their black fall or winter coats. This is exactly why this Fashionista stood out to me. It was nice to finally see some color! I have to admit, I am a huge fan of black, but I also loved the idea of having a bright colored jacket as well as a black one. A colorful coat can instantly spice up any regular outfit. This Fashionista's vibrant orange coat is from Boden is originally a brand from the UK, but has an American website as well. I didn't see this exact coat on the website, but I did find a very similar one in the same color – the fur collar coat. There are many different styles and bright colors. So, if orange is not your thing, I would try to start adding color with a turquoise or a purple. These colors still stand out, but just not nearly as much as orange. These jackets are priced starting at around $130 and then go up. If you want to try the bright jacket style out, but don’t want to commit to purchasing an expensive colorful coat, Forever 21’s double-breasted jacket is a great buy at just $37 dollars! On the website the coat is only featured in royal blue (which I love), but I have seem a variety of different colors at the store. This week try to add a little color to life, brighten your mood and your wardrobe! 

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